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Rainbow Healing Centre

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Welcome to the Rainbow Healing Centre

Acupuncturist Kevin Shaw has been practicing Acupuncture at the Rainbow Healing Centre Liverpool for the past 25 years. His particular interest is in Musculoskeletal issues and managing the symptoms of this. The modern clinic is conveniently located on the ground floor Shop 1, 86 Bathurst Street in Liverpool, with easy to access off street parking available for patients at the front door.

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Acupuncture is done by a qualified Acupuncturist with long time experience. Providing friendly and professional care for your total body needs. Traditional Acupuncture involves the needling of precise, specific points on the surface of the body which may correct physical or emotional imbalances in the body.

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Musculoskeletal disorders can be treated in many different ways depending on location and symptoms. Generally acupuncture is used to stimulate the flow of energy and relax the muscles around the problem area.

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Covid Update

At the moment WE ARE OPEN, currently there has been no government decision to close
Acupuncture clinics. We are here to support the health of clients and to reduce the demands on hospitals. I know that current events are creating concern in the community and we just wanted to update you on the hygiene precautions I am taking at the clinic to protect you and your family.

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Our Philosophy

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Hours and Prices

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Our Friendly, Qualified and Experienced Acupuncturist is awaiting your call.