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“The longer you’ve had a problem, the longer it takes to treat.”

“Don’t wait for 6 months to treat something, do it now, it will save time, money and suffering in the long run”


“Firstly we identify the cause of your particular problem and get a clear indication where it is coming from. This could be from trauma, lifestyle, work or previous accident.

Next we use gentle techniques to realign the body, allowing the muscles and joints to move freely, nerves to deliver the messages clearly and blood vessels to circulate blood to the entire body.

Then we will correct energy imbalances within the body. By regulating the energy of the body, all the key processes work in harmony, allowing quick and efficient healing of the body.

Treating the body as a whole maximises treatment success. I call this the “key to successful treatment”. By focusing on the body as a whole entity to achieve longer lasting results.

From there, we create a specific action plan with measurable objectives and milestones. From weekly treatments to general maintenance treatments allowing a lifestyle choice of healthy and pain free living. The difference between people who benefit and those who don’t is the execution of a good plan. Most people have good intentions. The key is taking consistent action and I help you do that.”

National Registration

On July 1st 2012 Chinese Medicine Practitioners joined the National Registration Scheme. The purpose of health practitioner regulation is to protect the public by ensuring that only health practitioners who have the skills, qualifications and knowledge to provide safe care are registered.

Now it is possible to check the registration status of a practitioner so that you can ensure you are being treated by a competent, fully qualified practitioner who is recognised Nationally and meets all the necessary requirements for a safe and effective treatment.

Only those practitioners who are registered with the board can call themselves Acupuncturist or perform Acupuncture.

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